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Protect what matters before it matters

Protect what matters before it matters

One lesson this pandemic has taught all of us is that you can never be too prepared for when things go wrong. Of course, events like global pandemics are incredibly difficult to predict, and I’m sure that if we could go back six months many of us would take out insurance policies to protect our income and health in these difficult times.

Protection for when the unthinkable happens

Just 9% of Brits have any form of income protection, and just 41% have life insurance*.

No-one likes to think about the unthinkable happening to them, but there are measures and policies you can put in place to safeguard what matters most to you in the future. Whether protecting your family, house, income or your life, our adviser can guide you through what level and type of protection suits your circumstances.

Review your insurance and protection needs

While this message may be difficult to hear as we negotiate the new ‘normal’, it’s an important message, which could just make the difference to you in the future.

Now may be the best time to review what you have protected, and what you don’t. If you’d like to discuss your insurance and protection needs, contact our adviser today.

*Source: Which? – Income Protection explained

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